“Madonna” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…..

Madonna seems to be everywhere in my life at the moment, first I caught the Madonna episode of glee, then her ultimate collection songs seemed to be playing wherever I went, my sister and I had a video marathon of her songs and danced around the kitchen (sober! That’s power) and now I’ve happened upon this gorgeous image. It’s a strange thing for me to think about, but somewhere along my journey I seem to have turned against Madonna. Probably around the time she turned 50 and released that dance track where she pranced around in a skin-tight, full-length leotard in the video. Or maybe when it just wasn’t cool any more to love Madonna (item was Hip-Hop, R’n’B, Ragga, Garage or else in my neighbourhood). But Madonna, for good or I’ll, blazed a path on how to be an independent woman. She had it, she flaunted it, she took no shit, and she straight up rocked. Now I can’t look at Rihanna or Beyoncé writhing around without thinking that they’re competing with the ghosts of Madonna’s passed. For never has there Beene female star who re-invented themselves with such startling frequency! So thank you to Madonna for the many happy hours of cardio she has given me (they aren’t over yet) and to Ray Ferrer for bringing me back to to a happier self ❤